What Is Phipps communications relationship with BT?
Phipps Communications is an independent telephone service provider. We
are not a part of BT, however we have contracts in place, which allow us to
purchase call and line services from BT open reach and BT wholesale.

Why should I change To Phipps Communications?
We can save you money – up to 40% against BT retail. We also have a professional service with no pre-recorded messages. As a customer you will received a local account manager who can be contacted directly for any questions or problems.

How are Phipps Communications able to offer
this cheaper than BT?

Since the de-regulation of the telecoms industry, you are able to choose your telecom supplier. We purchase lines and calls in large amounts from BT this means we make a saving and in turn pass this saving to you, the customer.

What will change if I do move?
The only changes that will happen are that you will receive your bills from Phipps Communications and they will have reduced! You will need to contact Phipps Communications if you require technical assistance or customer care.

How will I be billed?
We invoice our customers on a monthly basis, this allows you to budget more easily and spread the cost over the whole year. Line rental is billed one month in advance and calls are billed one month in arrears.

How do I change?
We are able to switch your supplier you us by either telephone or by one of our team coming to see you.

Is there any charge for changing to Phipps Communications?

Can I keep my existing number?

Will there be any loss in service during the transfer?
No. Your telephone service will change over without any interruption. All transfers are made on a “like for like” basis, so you can expect to keep all your existing services, but with a reduction in cost.

Can Phipps Communications provide new lines?
Yes, we can arrange for new lines to be installed. These lines will be added at the same reduced rates as any telephone lines you already have with us.

Are Services such as call waiting and call divert available with Phipps Communications?
Yes, many features are available through us, for more information it best to talk to one of our team.

What’s the catch?
There isn’t one!

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