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Why Buy A New Phone System?

Most people take the telephone for granted. It is the business tool that has always been there for you. Long before computers, fax machines or the Internet, everyone conducted business on the telephone or in person. The telephone is the most important asset your company has and sets the stage for the relationship with your clients in that ever critical first-impression.

One main reason why your company would need a new telephone system: Functionality. Most companies need a phone system to do something that an ordinary phone line just doesn’t do. Common features of business telephone systems include: call transfer, call conferencing, intercom, hold, voice mail, multiple lines, paging, music-on-hold, etc. But today’s business telephone systems do so much more…

The latest business telephone systems and cloud-hosted communication services, add the latest communication technology such as SIP trunking for cost savings, HD voice for future communications clarity, outlook e-mail and calendar integration for better time management, wireless DECT telephone handsets for employee portability, instant messaging and push-to-talk radios built-in for faster employee communication, mobile phone connectivity for truly unified communications, and so much more!

Probably the second thing that is always asked – How much is it going to cost me? The purchase cost is not the only thing to be thinking about. Ongoing costs of running the system should always be taken in to account. Most new systems will run SIP as well as lines so the ongoing costs savings can be massive. Lower maintenance costs and more efficient working can add up to BIG savings.

The Provider
Your telephone system is one of the most important tools in your business so you want a local knowledgeable company to look after it. We often get company’s calling us after they have bought a second hand system from a company on the internet and are having issues with it. So when your buying have a think about where or who you’re buying it from and if you think they will, look after you if all goes wrong. A Cheap purchase price doesn’t always mean cheap in the long run.
Type of System
There is a huge amount of business telephone systems in today’s market. You can run a system with telephone lines or a system which uses SIP trunks across the internet or even a system that runs both. It’s really worth thinking about what you need from your system so you can start with a system that works for you.

Talk to Phipps!
We are dealers for Panasonic Telephone systems as well and Hosted VoIP systems. We cover the whole of the south of the UK. Whether you just need an engineer to take a look or a whole new Telephone System we can help you out!

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