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Why choose a leased line?

In today’s data hungry world more and more businesses are becoming heavily reliant on their internet connection. Especially with cloud computing and hosted systems becoming a big part in business. If a tough, resilient internet connection is absolutely critical to your business, then one of our Leased Lines could be exactly what you need.
Of course, you can count on a fast, dependable internet connection with broadband and fibre but some businesses just need something more.
Need an internet connection? Ask yourself these questions first:

1. How many users do you have?

With broadband or fibre, the more users you have on your line at any one time, the more likely you are to see slower speeds. This doesn’t happen with leased lines: no matter how many users are on the line, your speed will always stay the same. So if you’re running a large office, or you’re planning to expand a small office, a leased line could make sense. And if your users are eating up bandwidth (uploading or downloading bulging files and so on), then even small offices could do with a leased line instead of broadband.

2. Is uploading critical to your business?

Using the internet isn’t just about downloading. For some businesses, the ability to upload files and transfer shedloads of data is much more important. And for those businesses, a large upload bandwidth is critical. With all our Leased Lines you get the same Upload and Download speeds.

3. Is a consistent internet connection speed vital to you?

For many businesses, broadband is fine. But one of the drawbacks is that the speed can slow down at busy times of the day as the network becomes congested. But because you don’t share a leased line with any other internet users (it’s a fully uncontended service with a 1:1 contention ratio), you always get exactly the same speed, no matter what time of day it is.

4. How much bandwidth do you need?

You decide upfront what bandwidth you’re going to need and that’s all you pay for, and you can change it to suit your demand.

Leased Line’s aren’t as expensive as you would think, depending on your area they start from around £300 a month. And when you stack up the savings that it can create by moving your voice and other services to them they can be cheaper than your existing setup.

What do you get with a Phipps Leased Line?

Guaranteed Speed
We give you what you pay for, not a “Up to” or Estimated” speed.

1:1 Contention Ratio
This means it’s only you on the line it won’t slow at peak times.

A Fully Managed Cisco Router
When we setup your line we use a Cisco router. This enables us to constantly watch your line to make sure it’s performing correctly.

A UK Support Team 24 Hours a Day
In the unlikely event that something did go wrong with your line, our UK support team is on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

A 7 Hour SLA
If something’s not perfect with your line we guarantee to fix it within 7 hours. If it’s not done we will give you your money back!

So when you think about it, you’re getting a whole lot of internet connection for the money! If you’re interested in a leased line from 5Mb up to 1GB why not get in touch with one of our data specialists on 01329 830124

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